A Night to Remember

A night to remember 

The first GiG Movement Festival took place last Saturday, November 10th, 2018 and it was a night full of encouragement and purpose!


The aim of our event was brand awareness and to connect with our Manchester community. As our brand continues to grow, we want to share the vision we have for GiG Movement with the public and explain that we are not just a normal clothing brand. We are a brand with a story behind it, and a brand that is making a difference in the lives of the youth.

Over 200 attendees packed into Central Buildings to attend the festival and be uplifted by the amazing talents that took center stage. We had a range of artists, motivational speakers and dancers.

The founder, Dany Jean-Yves shared on the ultimate vision of the movement. “In 2040, we want to have free schools, hospitals, leisure centres and churches to make sure that young people are being looked after and staying in school.”

The movement offers opportunities to everyone who’d like to be apart of this life changing development by getting them connected to the founder himself. On the day of the event, Dany extended an offer to people to become a part of something bigger that impacts the future of others. Dany and the GiG Movement Team are always looking for others who want to join the family and make a positive impact in the lives of others.   

We want to thank everyone who attended the event and the people who have already reached out to get involved. Also a big thank you to all the sponsors ( New Harvest Manchester, Tim Hortons, Methodist Church Manchester, Dunamis Cognitio, and Millennium Dolls) who contributed and helped make this event possible.


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  • Genevieve Odularu

    Great artical and a great night! My husband and I enjoyed the artists and speakers but especially enjoyed hearing the GIG vision for the future.

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